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In need of landscaping services? Are you looking to add to the beauty of your home, increase the value of your estate, or update your overgrown landscape? If you've had enough of looking outside your window day after day and seeing the same boring, tired yard, a new landscape by Lamanna Landscape Contractors can restore vitality to your property and maximize your outdoor living space to its full potential!

Lamanna Landscape Contractors are your complete property maintenance provider. Our number one concern is customer satisfaction. We believe this can only be accomplished by providing superior service, quality landscaping, and competitive pricing, all in a timely manner to meet the customers' needs. We also believe that “Word of Mouth” advertising is the most effective kind. However, we realize that it only comes with customer satisfaction, and so our entire team works hard to exceed all customer expectations by providing unparalleled service in the Pittsburgh area. - Dino Lamanna   company owner


Tired of brown outs? Crab Grass? Weeds?

  • Fertilization and seeding in fall and spring to lay the groundwork for future success
  • The de-thatching of dead grass that can strangle the roots of a growing lawn.
  • The seasonal aeration of soil to allow grass roots to receive the utmost sunlight and water
  • Weekly mowing in season to ensure proper and continued growth

Our standard weekly lawn maintenance procedures are as follows; Detailed cleanup of all debris in lawn such as trash leaves and tree branches, Weed removal, weed whacking of entire property as well as ornamental beds and sidewalks and finally a professional, bagged cut to the determined height.

Lamanna Landscape Contractors use the latest equipment to keep a competitive edge, and more importantly keeping our lawns looking great! We use a full range of commercial mowers to adapt to various terrain and ensure cost efficiency.


Make your outdoor living space an enjoyable extension of your home. Lamanna Landscape Contractors will work with you start-to-finish to design and install a wide variety of stonework and masonry landscaping elements, including decorative walls, retaining walls, walkways and garden pathways, patios, stairways, and fire pits!

Retaining & Accent walls
walls are a very important feature to any landscape and there two principle types of walls: a retaining wall and an accent wall. Retaining walls are used to break up a steeply graded yard and to propel water away from building foundations. Accent walls are used to complement patios and raised areas of the landscape

Natural Rock & boulder walls
The landscape of a boulder retaining wall provides natural beauty and a preserving protection against soil erosion. Boulders and large rocks are a great choice against environmental factors. Boulder walls are more economic than block retaining wall


Just like all jobs and Technology a new Era of landscaping is here! Have all your mulch professionally "blown" in this year for more cost effective mulching and a smooth photo finish.

Our standard mulch service includes:

  • through debris cleanup prior to mulching
  • re-edging of mulch beds
  • trimming/planting/removal of shrubs as needed and a post mulch cleanup


Lamanna Landscape Contractors have a detailed approach to providing our clients with professional class level of service. Hours of work go into preparation and planning for inclement winter weather events. Both equipment and manpower are carefully allocated so as to make sure we can deliver the level of service our clients deserve. Sites are carefully surveyed before the season starts to identify potential problem areas, and to allow for a coordinated plan of attack when LLC battles a storm.

Our snow removal clients range from;

  • Corporate Office Parks and Office Buildings
  • Retail Shopping Centers, Malls and Retail Stores
  • Industrial, Warehousing and Shipping Facilities
  • Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities
  • Public housing plans and complexes

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